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Begoña Gilabert

“My name is Begoña Gilabert. I am a Radical Honesty Trainer-in-Training based in Amsterdam.
I started practicing Radical Honesty in 2015 when I hosted the first ever RH workshop in Amsterdam at my home (led by Taber Shadburne and Tuulia Syvänen). Since then I have gone through
important completion talks with my siblings, parents, ex-husband, most significant ex-partners and best friends. My relationship with most of them has evolved into a deeper connection and that feels
really good to me!
In this process I am learning a lot about myself. Accepting me as who I am is so liberating!
Applying Radical Honesty at my workplace has improved my wellbeing a lot. I have attended different coaching programs to further develop my facilitation skills. In 2018 I started providing
one-on-one coaching sessions to apply what I learned. I am currently running regular meetup groups in Amsterdam where I introduce Radical Honesty to newcomers and returning participants.”

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